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Blue Betrayal by saltedeffey Blue Betrayal by saltedeffey
Last year, my sister started a Matsuri festival event thing at her school and asked me to help make a poster for her. The poster ended up looking like poop, but it gave me a chance to design some mock Japanesque samurai and stuff. This year, she did the event again and so it gave me a chance to work with the characters again.

This is Jin Nikkei (or Nike, I haven't thought of spelling or anything. Just the way it sounds.) It's a joke because nikkeijin is probably the only word that I remember from Japanese and it means person of Japanese descent -- so he's not even all that Japanese ORZ. He was originally supposed to have white hair with white kimono, but when I was doing this illust, I threw him in blue and I really liked it.

I was also working on a serious drawing with Nikkei and the 2 main bad guys. It's a lot of fun doing Japan-esque stuff and butchering it horribly - oh man, you should see what the design of his kimono looks like hahahaa samurai-punk style? hahaha.

Anyway, I choose to do this simple style because my sister used the "Hyper Speed Star" image I created for her fliers, and I wanted to go along that same theme. I am planning to do at least 2 others ones to go to this set. The title is once again named after a DJ Sharpnel song, even though I like the song "Blue Army" better, "Blue Betrayal" is a better name for this.
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March 25, 2009
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