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Last Smile by saltedeffey Last Smile by saltedeffey
Hooray! It's done asodfihafhasdfhalkdfhad;lfaf.
This is my Phoenix Wright secret santa (? secret new years baby? secret Jan 7? Whatever) for sabinelagrande of Thalassa x Valant of Apollo Justice! Ohohohoo....

You know? When I got the request, I actually went back to play the game again. The more I played, the more suspicious I got. Okay, so Zak is a jerk, we already knew that. After Thalassa got hit with a bullet, she disappeared. Uhm....I may not be a magician, but to my knowledge, bodies do not disappear after being hit by bullets. MUCH LESS DO THEY SHOW UP IN SOME RANDOM COUNTRY HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD.
Secretly, I think Thalassa planned it all, and she escaped from the Zak/Valant the other side of the world. The amnesia and blindness was just by coincidence (she got hit by a car or something lol).

hahahahahah i'm kidding.....somewhat.

Anyway, Happy late Holidays, and Happy Late New Year. derp.

Sorry about the retarded background. After drawing this picture for like....a month and a half, I couldn't do it anymore. Especially since I haven't used the computer for coloring an entire picture in a loooong time. Hope it is to your liking, sabinelagrande!

:( Title of the picture, like many other pictures of mine, is named after the song that I am listening to at the moment, "Last Smile" by Love Psychedelico
sanae-loves-rice Featured By Owner May 24, 2009  Student General Artist
I am so surprised this has no comments yet! This is beautiful! :heart: Haha, I can understand the reasoning behind your theory. Chivalry is dead, y'know. =P

Valassa is one of my favorite pairings. Fav'd for sure!
saltedeffey Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
Awwwww thanks so much for the compliments and fav~~~ Glad to know there is more Valant/Thalassa fans hahahah. <3
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